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POS Receipt Printers

A POS system is not complete without a receipt printer. Playing such an integral role in the retail transaction process, choosing the right POS receipt printer for your application is very important. There are two main types for POS Printers, the thermal receipt printer, and the impact receipt printer. Thermal receipt printers uses heat-sensitive receipt paper to create images on the paper, making it a silent and fast solution, a solution perfect for fast paced retail environments. Impact receipt printers is more of a traditional printer, using ink cartridges and receipt paper, with an more affordable entry price. Two-color printing may be available and printed on 2-ply paper, offering a more durable solution which is perfect for harsher heat environments, such as the kitchen. We offer the best POS receipt printers in the industry from manufacturers such as Epson, Ithaca, Cognitive TPG, Citizen, and Star.

All Products are NEW, factory sealed and come with the FULL manufacturer's warranty (unless otherwise specified).

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Thermal Receipt Printers (Back To Top)
Citizen CT-S2000 POS Receipt Printers Picture

  • DMA (Direct Memory Access) with "Real World" speeds up to 220 mm/sec.
  • Spill-Shield design prevents damage from moisture or foreign objects.
  • USB interface standard on all units: serial and parallel
  • Ships with Windows, Linux, and OPOS drivers

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Citizen CT-S280 POS Receipt Printers Picture

  • Low-noise, compact design
  • Drop-in paper loading
  • 80 mm/sec print speed
  • Built-in input buffer
  • Barcode printing

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Citizen CT-S281 POS Receipt Printers Picture

  • Compact design
  • Auto-Cutter
  • Drop-in paper loading
  • Two-color printing
  • 80 mm/sec print speed
  • Low-noise printing

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Citizen CT-S4000 POS Receipt Printers Picture

  • Can accommodate three different paper widths (112, 82.5, 80 mm)
  • Dual interface standard on all units (USB + serial, parallel, or Ethernet)
  • Direct Memory Access (DMA)
  • Large-capacity (102mm) drop-in paper loading
  • hips with Windows 2000, XP, Linux, OPOS drivers, and Customization utility.

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Citizen CT-S801 POS Receipt Printers Picture

  • A truly, unique printer: the industry's first POS printer with a backlit graphic LCD display communicates with you.
  • The world's fastest, most reliable, easiest to configure and customize POS printer.
  • 300mm/sec providing the fastest printing results for customers.
  • Longer cutter life delivers lower maintenance costs
  • Greater reliability delivers longer life and lower maintenance costs

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Citizen CT-S851 POS Receipt Printers Picture

  • A truly, unique printer: the industry's first Front-Exit POS printer with a backlit LCD display communicates with you.
  • The world's fastest, most reliable, easiest to configure and customize POS printer
  • 300mm/sec providing the fastest printing results for customers
  • Longer cutter life delivers lower maintenance costs
  • Built in power supply eliminates unsightly "brick" and frees up space

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Posiflex AURA PP-6800 Receipt Printers Picture

  • 3 wireless high-speed thermal printer with auto cutter
  • Detailed streamlined look in a delicate design
  • Printing speed up to 150 mm per second, 80 (or 58) mm paper width / 72 / 64 (or 53) mm print width
  • High-resolution print up to 512 dots / line (Max. 576 dots / line)
  • Drop-and-load structure for paper roll loading
  • Interface : serial, parallel, USB or LAN port
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b and RS232 interface (AURA-6800W series)
  • Desktop or wall mount solution

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Posiflex AURA PP-7000 Receipt Printers Picture

  • 180 mm/sec high-speed printer with 2MB Flash Memory
  • Guillotine type auto cutter
  • Clam-shell, drop and load design for easy paper loading and print head cleaning
  • Light weight, quiet and compact
  • Supports bar code printing international character sets and other languages.
  • WEPOS Certified (Microsoft® Windows® Embedded for Point-of-Service)

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Citizen CT-S310II POS Receipt Printers Picture

  • High speed, 150 mm/sec printing
  • Internal buzzer
  • Permanent logo storage
  • Two cash drawer kick-out
  • Programmable full or partial cut auto cutter

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CognitiveTPG A799 Receipt Printers Picture

  • 250 mm/sec print speeds
  • Two Color and Monochrome thermal printing
  • Multiple interface options (Serial, Parallel, USB & Serial (dual), Ethernet, and Powered USB)
  • Spill resistant built-in liquid dam and drainage
  • Small Footprint 144 mm (5.6 in) x 185 mm (7.25 in)

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Epson TM-T20II POS Receipt Printers Picture

Epson's cost-effective, energy-efficient TM-T20II thermal Point-of-Sale (POS) printer is ideal for low-volume retailers, food service and virtual terminal applications

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Epson TM-T70II POS Receipt Printers Picture

The TM-T70II is Epson's latest space-saving POS receipt printer. It easily fits under counters, offers fast reliable printing and all-front access for operations and maintenance

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Epson TM-T88V Receipt Printers Picture

  • Fast and versatile printing up to 300mm/second
  • Same fast print speed for both text and graphics
  • Industry-first true grayscale printing of graphics
  • Best-in-class reliability with a MCBF of 70 million lines
  • Dual interfaces standard including built-in USB plus one UIB interface

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Ithaca iTherm 280 Receipt Printers Picture

  • High-speed, thermal POS receipt printing8-inches per second.
  • Vertically mounted PC board defies spills
  • Protected, internal power supply
  • Extra-large, drop-in paper roll maximizes uptime with more thermal paper on each roll
  • Prints crisp, clear thermal POS receipts with bold graphics in 1 or 2 colors
  • Easily integrates to your current POS system

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Posiflex AURA PP-8000 Receipt Printers Picture

  • 3 advanced high-speed thermal printer with auto cutter
  • Detailed curvy surface in a delicate design
  • Printing speed up to 220 mm per second, 80 (or 58) mm paper width / 64 (or 53) mm print width
  • High-resolution print up to 8 dots / mm and 512 dots / line (Max. 576 dots / line)
  • Drop-and-load structure for paper roll loading
  • Cash drawer control up to 2 cash drawers
  • Enhanced capability in kitchen bell for reminder function

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Star TSP100 Series Receipt Printers Picture

  • Internal power supply
  • High speed throughput: 25 receipts per minute
  • "Plug & Play" USB or Ethernet drivers
  • Drop-In & Print" paper loading
  • All accessories included

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Star TSP1000 Series Thermal Receipt Printers Picture

  • High Speed Output - Up to 180mm/sec
  • "Drop-In & Print", Easy Paper Loading
  • Large Paper Roll Capacity (up to 180mm Diameter)
  • Ticket Stacker Fitted as Standard
  • Multiple Paper Widths (45-82.5mm Adjustable)

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Star TSP100eco Printers Picture

  • 75% reduction in power consumption compared to standard Star printers
  •  Up to 70% reduction of paper consumption
  • New Halogen-Free printer housing
  • New recyclable packaging

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Star TSP650II Bti Thermal Printers Picture

  • Desktop Bluetooth Printer
  • Apple MFi Certified
  • High speed: 300mm/sec
  • "JustWorks" SSP Profile
  • Small Footprint

Star TSP650II Thermal Printers Picture

  • Affordable Cost
  • High Speed Printer with Auto Cutter
  • Swappable Interfaces

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Star TSP650II WebPRNT Thermal Printers Picture

  • Enables Printing from Web-based Applications Via HTTP Requests
  • Desktop Ethernet WebPRNT enabled Printer
  • High speed: 300mm/sec
  • Small Footprint

Star TSP654 SK Thermal Printers Picture

  • Approved for Repositionable Liner Free Direct Thermal Label
  • Auto Cutter
  • Swappable Interfaces

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Star TSP700II Series Receipt Printers Picture

  • Print reports, receipts and labels from one printer
  • Add security and ease of use to receipts and other documents with the TSP700's resident support for Barcodes | Authorized | Pricing
  • Automatically printed duplicate copies
  • Available RS232 serial, IEEE1284 parallel, USB2.0 Full Speed, 10 Base-T Ethernet or Wi-Fi communications interfaces

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Star TSP800II Thermal Printers Picture

  • Wide Paper Format(4.4")
  • Quick Print(180mm/sec)
  • Internal/External Paper Feed

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Star TSP800IIRx Thermal Printers Picture

  • Secure Prescription Printer
  • Locking Paper Chamber
  • Wide Paper Format (4.4")
  • Quick Printing (150mm/sec)

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Impact Receipt Printers (Back To Top)
Epson TM-U220A Receipt Printers Picture

  • Single-Station Impact Receipt Printers
  • Ideal low cost printer for point-of-sale applications.
  • Modular user-friendly design, graphics capability, and 3.5 lines per second print speed offer reliable high performance in a compact, lightweight design

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Epson TM-U230 Receipt Printers Picture

  • High-quality impact printer specially designed for kitchen environments
  • Fast and easy-to-read one- and two-color printing
  • Flexible installation on countertop or wall using optional bracket
  • Semi-automatic paper loading
  • Helpful "near-end paper" and "paper out" sensors
  • Convenient right-side-up order printing

Ithaca 154 Receipt Journal Validation Printers Picture

  • Receipt/15-line Validation
  • Reliable, consistent impact printing.
  • Snap-in/Snap out, user friendly ribbon cassette features Oki® impact technology.
  • Choose from four different Series 150 models.
  • Ready to configure easily into whatever system you're using.
  • Space-saving footprint

Star SP242/SP246 Receipt Printers Picture

Star recommends that you see the SP500 Impact printer as the SP200's replacement

Star SP317/SP347 Receipt Printers Picture

Star recommends that you see the SP700 Impact printer as the SP300's replacement

Star SP500 Series Dot Matrix Receipt Printers Picture

  • Match the model to your application Tear bar and auto-cutter versions available
  • Reduce wait time with its fast output printing 40 columns at 4 lines per second
  • Race through 58mm paper at 7.5 lines per second
  • Single-color highlight option attracts attention to special items on the receipt
  • SP500 re-winder version automatically spools printed paper into a conveniently storable roll

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Citizen CD-S500 Dot Matrix Impact Printers Picture

  • High-speed, two-color printing
  • Logic-seeking control
  • Drop-in paper loading
  • Selectable paper widths
  • One, two, or three ply receipts

Epson LQ-2090 Receipt Printers Picture

  • Fastest printer in its class
  • Prints single sheets and up to 5-part forms
  • High reliability in demanding environments
  • Simple setup and operation
  • Best-in-class paper handling capabilities

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Epson LQ-680 Impact Printers Picture

  • Up to 400 Characters per second
  • 64KB Buffer Memory
  • 1 + 5 Multi-Part Form Printing
  • EPSON Status Monitor 3 Software

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Epson LX-300Plus Impact Printers Picture

  • Powerful 9-pin technology
  • Fast, reliable printing up to 337 cps
  • MTBF rating of 6,000 power-on-hours
  • Handles up to 5-part forms with ease
  • Includes built-in Parallel, USB and Serial ports
  • Two-year warranty

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Epson FX 890 Receipt Printers Picture

  • Fastest printer in its class
  • Highest reliability in its class
  • Long ribbon life ensures lowest cost per page
  • Four paper paths for superior paper handling
  • Prints single sheets and up to 7-part forms

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Multi-Function Receipt Printers (Back To Top)
CognitiveTPG A760 ColorPOS Receipt Printers Picture

  • Reduced costs from processing
  • Increased transaction accuracy
  • Improved cash flow from protection against check fraud
  • Built-in marketing and branding features with ReceiptWare Marketing Software

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CognitiveTPG A776 Receipt Printers Picture

  • Low cost with smallest hybrid footprint
  • FAST monochrome or ColorPOS® two-color thermal receipt
  • Drop validation impact print station with superior paper handling
  • Built-in MICR reader
  • Imaging module option available
  • Multiple communication interfaces

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Epson TM-U375 Receipt Printers Picture

  • Multi-Function Impact Printer
  • 1.5 station dot matrix printer
  • Capable of printing three ways: 40 column receipt/journal printing using two-ply paper, 15 lines check/charge validation, and unlimited lines of slip printing. Small footprint, high speed TM-U375 prints one original and two copies for added convenience.

Epson TM-U675 Receipt Printers Picture

  • High speed MICR reading and check printing
  • Wider throat for smooth, drop-in validation
  • Highest reliability rating in its class
  • Superior slip handling for ease of use
  • Easy drop-in paper loading and one-touch removal

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Inkjet Receipt Printers (Back To Top)
Ithaca POSjet 1500 Printers Picture

  • The first validation printer to print the full front or back of a check!
  • Patented feature automatically guides any check or form into the printer.
  • Validates various sized one-ply forms in standard or rotated print mode.

Eco Friendly Printers (Back To Top)
Epson ReadyPrint T20 Receipt Printers Picture

  • All-in-one-box accessories and software
  • Printing up to 150 mm/second
  • Integrated power supply
  • Versatile printer placement options
  • Ease-of-use features including drop-in paper loading, autocutter and status LEDs

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Portable Receipt Printers (Back To Top)
Honeywell 2te microFlash Printers Picture

  • 203dpi, 1.85" (47mm) Print Width, up to 2.5 inches/Second
  • Prints over 400 6" receipts on a single charge
  • 3 Hour Re-charging time
  • Physical Size: 7.375" x 4.675" x 2.415"; 13.3 oz

Honeywell PB21 Rugged Mobile Receipt Printers Picture

The fastest two-inch receipt printer in its class, the rugged PB21 mobile printer delivers a clear productivity advantage. Built to easily withstand the rigors of the road, the PB21 provides reliable performance your field workforce can depend upon

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Honeywell PB51 Rugged Mobile Receipt Printers Picture

The fastest choice for rugged mobile receipt printing, the PB51 delivers a clear productivity advantage for workers on-the-go. Built to easily withstand the bumps, drops and spills of fast-paced mobile usage, the PB51 provides performance your field workforce can depend on, day after day

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Zebra RW420 Mobile Printers Picture

Simplify route printing with the intuitive interface, rugged construction, card reading features, and reliability of Zebra's RW 420 mobile printers

Zebra RW420 Print Stations Picture

The lightweight and compact print station is great for holding your printer and Motorola MC70 or MC75 mobile computer

Epson Mobilink P60 Mobile Printers Picture

  • Industry-leading 10-hour battery life
  • Compact size with ruggedized design tested to 4-foot drop to ensure top reliability
  • High-speed thermal receipt and continuous stock label printing
  • Autocutter and drop-in paper loading makes your receipts easy to print with a finished look
  • Supports 802.11b wireless protocol and soon to be released Bluetooth® wireless protocol
  • Print width up to 54mm on industry standard 58 or 60mm paper
  • Belt clip and shoulder strap for maximum mobility

Epson Mobilink P60II Mobile Printers Picture

The Mobilink P60II has all the features you need to print anywhere, anytime. Compact and light weight, it offers the fastest printing in its class with speeds up to 100mm/second, an industry-leading battery life, flexible connectivity, a ruggedized design to ensure reliability in even the harshest environments and more

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Epson Mobilink P80 Mobile Printers Picture

The Mobilink P80 three-inch receipt printer offers the speed, reliability and connectivity options needed to meet the requirements of today's mobile printing applications

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Kiosk Printers (Back To Top)
Citizen PPU-231 Line Thermal Kiosk Printers Picture

  • Easy Paper Handling: Presenter feeds out paper after docket fully printed
  • Paper Auto loading
  • Bar-code Printing
  • Capable of loading large diameter roll
  • Both Serial (RS232) and Parallel (Centronics) Interface available

Zebra KR403 Kiosk Printers Picture

KR403 kiosk receipt printer maximizes uptime, minimizes upkeep, and offers excellent print quality, expanded bar code sets and other enhancements